What’s the Best Digital Caliper for Jewelry 2023? Top 5 Picks

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One of the most important tools for jewelers all around the world is a caliper. Even though many people prefer using a dial caliper, adaptation to a more advanced option is becoming necessary day by day. That brings us to this review of the best digital caliper for jewelry for 2023.

We understand how confusing it can be to filter through numerous options to find the one perfect caliper. So, we’ve done the work for you. In this review, you’ll find everything you need to get the perfect digital caliper to make your work more accurate, precise, and perfect.

best digital caliper for jewelry
What is the Best Digital Caliper for Jewelry?

If you don’t want to go through all five calipers, we’ll make it easy for you and announce the best one on our list. Considering all the necessary features, Sangabery Digital Caliper is our top choice for measuring jewelry.

If, however, you are interested to know about all of the best options, we recommend reading the entire article.

5 Best Digital Calipers for Jewelry Reviews in 2023

You may have already come across a lot of options when searching for a digital caliper. Not all of them are worth your money. We’ve shortlisted the five top digital calipers for jewelry and reviewed them based on different factors।

Sangabery Digital Caliper

best digital caliper for jewelry

When you want something affordable yet impressive, there’s no better option than this digital caliper from Sangabery. There are so many advantages you get when you’re choosing this caliper. Let’s talk about versatility first.

You can measure all four aspects using this digital caliper. May it be an internal diameter, external diameter, step, or depth, Sangabery is there for it. It’s surprising how amazing this caliper is, considering the extremely affordable price range.

The next thing we liked about this caliper is its auto turn-on and off the system. When you slide the rail, the caliper will automatically turn itself on. In the same way, it’ll turn itself off if you’re not using the caliper for five minutes straight.

This feature is most beneficial to someone who is switching from a dial caliper to a digital one. Users who are used to dial calipers often forget to turn a digital caliper off between uses.

The LCD itself is pretty clear and large for the naked eye. Besides, you can switch between mm and inch with one push of the button. The same goes for zeroing the caliper too.

Another little feature you may find interesting is that the battery comes with two spare batteries. Unlike most other calipers, this one comes with an installed battery and two others as a gift.

The caliper has a range of 0 to 6 inches, and the accuracy level is 0.1 mm. Note that this is suitable for jewelry, but this is not the right choice for a more professional-grade caliper with higher accuracy.

One downside we would like to point out about this caliper is the material. The only thing we didn’t like about this digital caliper is that it’s made of plastic.   


  • Four modes of measurement including inside, outside, step, and depth
  • Automatic turn-on and turn-off system
  • Two units of measurement
  • Affordable price range


  • Only provides an accuracy level of 0.1 mm
Short Verdict

As we said, if you’re searching for a caliper specifically for jewelry, there can’t be a better option than this one. However, if you want more accuracy and preciseness, there are alternative options. If you want to know more about this digital caliper, click here.

Rexbeti Digital Caliper

Rexbeti Digital Caliper

Rexbeti is one of the most amazing digital calipers you can get. It’s got a measurement range of 6 inches and an accuracy level of 0.01 mm, which is pretty excellent for such an affordable caliper.

The caliper requires two batteries to run. Both batteries are included with the caliper. Besides, you’re getting a case to make it conveniently portable.

We always prefer stainless steel as a material for a digital caliper. Rexbeti features a stainless steel frame, making the caliper more durable, ergonomic, smooth to use. It also creates a perfect outlook for the tool to increase the aesthetics of your workplace.

One feature everyone struggles to find in a digital caliper is the fractional unit of measurement. With this caliper, you’re not only getting imperial and metric units but also fractional readings. This single option makes this caliper one of the most versatile devices for diverse measurements.

We know you’re wondering about the auto-on and shut-off system. So, yes, it does come with that feature. The caliper will come with an installed battery, yet you’ll get a spare one. There’s also a protective case for your caliper.

Like all artificial tools, this one isn’t perfect either. One thing many users face is a battery issue. When stored, the battery drains way too fast, even when the caliper is shut off. So, our recommendation is to remove the battery when storing.


  • The stainless steel body features a smooth slide
  • Three units of measurement
  • Four modes of measurement
  • Features automatic on-off and comes with a spare battery


  • The battery drains quickly
Short Verdict

Even though the caliper has a battery issue, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Considering the price you’re getting with this caliper, we would say it’s a pretty great deal. So, if you’re curious, click here to check out the caliper.

MCIGICM Digital Caliper

MCIGICM Digital Caliper

Now, we’ll be reviewing the cheapest caliper on our list. If you don’t need a caliper for something other than jewelry, this is the perfect choice for you. It’s made of plastic and provides the necessary level of accuracy required for measuring jewelry.

Even though you can’t use this caliper where extreme preciseness is required, it’s an extremely affordable option for jewelers. First thing first, the range of measurement. You can measure objects up to six inches, which is more than enough when you measure pieces of jewelry.

The next thing to know is that the LCD is pretty large in size so that the readings can be easily accessible by everyone. There’s a button you can use to change the unit of measurement between mm and inch. The caliper is also super easy to zero using a button on display.

You can measure four modes, including steps and depths. So, all in all, it’s a versatile caliper for measuring different jewelry types. Another convenient feature is the auto shut-off system to extend battery life.

It’s one of the most reasonably priced digital calipers you can get in the market, especially jewelry. Besides, you’ll get three batteries with the caliper.


  • Auto shut-off systems extend battery life
  • Four measurement modes with inside, outside, depth, and step
  • Easy to use with smooth movement
  • Large easy-to-read LCD


  • Doesn’t offer professional-level accuracy
Short Verdict

It’s the perfect digital caliper for chores like jewelry measurement. Even though you can’t get a very high accuracy level with this caliper, considering the price, it’s one of the best ones out there. If you’re interested to know more about this caliper, you can click here.

Vizbrite Digital Caliper

If you’re seeking a bit better accuracy in your caliper, we recommend considering this one from Vizbrite. It’s a digital caliper that offers you up to +/-0.001” of accuracy level. So, you can use it for high-precision jobs, too, along with your jewelry measurement.

The caliper is extremely durable and will accompany you through the years to come. The price is also reasonable and affordable. You won’t have to empty your pocket to get a caliper for jewelry.

You get two spare batteries with the caliper. There’s a plastic case for the tool to make it conveniently portable. In addition, you’ll get a user manual instructing everything you need to know.

Even though it’s an affordable digital caliper, you can use it to measure various objects’ inside, outside, step, and depth. So, may it be a ring you have to measure or a stone, you can rely on this tool. It also helps you get the precise measurements of your jewelry.

There’s also a tiny feature you might be interested in. The caliper turns itself on when you’re about to use it. In the same way, it turns off when not in use for several minutes. However, many people find it annoying that the caliper turns itself on very easily.


  • Precise measurement with an accuracy level of +/- 0.001”
  • Inside, outside, step, and depth measurement facility
  • Automatically turns off when not used for a few minutes
  • Perfect for a variety of measurements


  • The auto-on system isn’t efficient
Short Verdict

So, the caliper doesn’t have any flaws that can be considered a deal-breaker. If you want to enrich your tool collection with an affordable and precise digital caliper, click here.

Eagems Digital Caliper

This one is a bit pricier compared to the other ones on our list. However, it’s still affordable and less expensive than a lot of other digital calipers. Eagems digital caliper is made of hardened stainless steel, so you expect it to be extremely durable.

Featuring an IP54 rating, the caliper is dust and water-splash-resistant. So, even though the caliper can’t guarantee to work after being submerged in the water, you can expect it to survive accidental splashes.

It’s also one of the most precise calipers you can find, with an accuracy level of 0.01 mm. So, its uses are not limited to measuring jewelry. You can use it for more precise measurements like gunsmithing or reloading too.

One thing you can’t easily find in digital calipers is the fraction unit of measurement. Eagems allows you to switch between mm, inch, and fraction with one click. In addition, the caliper is easy to zero too.

One downside we found is that you need to remove a screw from the battery compartment lid when you need the battery replaced. Other than that, it’s the best digital caliper for the jewelry you can find this year.


  • Water-splash and dust resistant with an IP54 rating
  • Convenient to use for various measurements
  • Inch, mm, and fraction readings
  • Offers an accuracy level of +/-0.0005”


  • You need a screwdriver to replace the battery, but the screwdriver is provided
Short Verdict

If you don’t mind increasing your budget a bit, we highly recommend the Eagems digital caliper for precise measurements. It’s sturdy, durable, and easy to use. If you want to know more about it, click here.

Buying Guide to Choose The “Best Digital Caliper For Jewelry” in 2023

best digital caliper for jewelry

Different calipers excel in different attributes. That’s why they’re suitable for different measurements. We’re talking about jewelry here. So, take a look at the features below that you need in a digital caliper.


Versatility includes many things. For instance, units of measurement are an aspect. Most calipers come with imperial and metric readings. However, some of them also feature fractional readings.

It depends on your preference. If you don’t need a fractional measurement system, there’s no need to get one. Another attribute contributing to the versatility is modes of measurement.

Some calipers can only measure an object’s inside and outside dimensions using large and small jaws. However, some calipers come with a step and a depth gauge too. We recommend a caliper that can measure all four modes.


No one wants to change their caliper every month. That’s why you have to be careful about not getting anything flimsy. Make sure the caliper is durable enough to last an extended period.

Even though it depends on how rigorously you use the caliper, it’s better not to take any chances.


We always recommend stainless steel when it comes to high-precision and durable digital calipers. However, if you only need the caliper for measuring jewelry, you can go for a plastic or carbon fiber material. But make sure the caliper isn’t flimsy.

The material plays a crucial role in the price. A stainless steel caliper will cost comparatively more than a plastic caliper. So, if you’re on a budget, there are some pretty solid plastic digital calipers you can consider.

Ease Of Use

Not all calipers are very comfortable to use. The rail should slide smoothly through the ruler, and the thumbscrew needs to be ergonomic. Make sure that there are no rough or sharp edges.

Note that some calipers may feel rough at first, but they get smoother with use. The caliper should be easy to understand, use, and maneuver, no matter what material you’re going for.

The caliper’s weight is also a thing to consider. You don’t want something so light that it can’t hold objects with stability. You also don’t want it to be so heavy that it becomes difficult to operate and carry.


The display is a pretty important attribute for many people. Make sure that the caliper has a large and convenient LCD. The LCD is responsible for noting the measurement, so it should be easy to read for everyone.

Also, check if the caliper is easy to zero. The display should come with multiple buttons to switch between units, zero the caliper, and turn the tool on and off.

User Reviews

People don’t give user reviews enough credit. They’re one of the most genuine and easy sources of information you can get. You will find crucial features and flaws of a caliper in the user reviews that the manufacturer doesn’t offer.

Besides, it’s always a good idea to get an insight from someone who has actually used the product.

Additional Features

The last feature we want to remind you of is the things that the tool comes with. Some calipers do not include anything with the tool. We recommend a digital caliper with a basic protective case for portability and the required battery. A few calipers will even include spare batteries with them.

Other additional features to consider are warranty, return policy, and post-purchase policies. Try to buy from a manufacturer with a prompt response. If you’re getting an expensive caliper, make sure it’s an authentic one and look for any warranty.

Below are Some Frequently Asked Questions on “Digital Caliper for Jewelry” that People Must Know

Q. What is the best brand of caliper?

There are plenty of high-quality brands of calipers. The ones we reviewed are the most affordable options. There are also high-end digital caliper brands like Mitutoyo, Vinca, etc. Eagems is also a very reliable brand for calipers.

Q. Who makes snap-on digital calipers?

The L.S. Starret Company makes Snap-on digital calipers. Snap-on merged with this company to create high-precision measurement tools, including digital calipers.

Q. Do jewelers use micrometers?

Many jewelers use micrometers, also known as a leveridge gauge. These tools are specifically suitable for measuring gemstones.

Final Words

There you have it. The complete guide is for every DIY and Professional to choose the best digital caliper for jewelry. You can go for any of the options from the list we provided. If you’re okay with stretching your budget, we recommend the Eagems digital caliper. However, if you’re searching for a more affordable option, Sangabery digital caliper will be more suitable.  

If you didn’t like anything from the list, consider the features we listed in our buying guide and find the one caliper that suits you the most.

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