What are the Best Digital Calipers for Woodworking in 2024?

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It can be confusing to find the perfect digital caliper suited for a particular type of measurement. Take woodworking, for example. You can’t use just any caliper when you’re woodworking. Some distinctive characteristics are required for a woodworking caliper.

So, today’s guide is about some of the best digital calipers for Wood Smith for 2024. We’ve picked five options from numerous alternatives to make it more convenient for you. Hopefully, you’ll find your desired caliper on our list.

Best Digital Calipers For Woodworking
What are the Best Digital Calipers For Woodworking?

In case you don’t want to consider multiple options, we’ll introduce you to the one we consider best on our list. It’s none other than the Neiko 01409A Digital Caliper. You’ll discover how convenient, accurate, and suitable it is for woodworking once you go through the full review.

However, we do recommend exploring all the options we’ve given you in this article.

Top 5 Digital Calipers for Woodworking Reviews

The calipers we reviewed vary in measurement range and other attributes. We recommend comparing them and selecting the one suited to your necessities. So, let’s get started.

Neiko 01409A Digital Caliper

Best Digital Calipers For Woodworking

Neiko 01409A is a 12-inch digital caliper with an accuracy level of 0.02 mm. A caliper with a broad measurement range is always convenient because you can measure various wood particles. However, that’s not the only benefit you can enjoy from the Neiko digital caliper. Let’s dive into more details.

There are all the units of measurement you can want in a caliper. That means it’s not limited to mm and inch but also offers you fraction measurement. When it comes to woodworking, a fractional measurement system is very important for many users.

The conversion between these units is also convenient. You won’t have to go through any hassles. Instead, you can simply press a button, and the unit will change any time you want.

We’ve already talked about the accuracy level, so let’s introduce you to its material now. The frame is made of stainless steel. You can feel the smoothness when sliding the caliper due to its high-quality material. The thumb roller is also surprisingly comfortable to roll.

A large and easy-to-read LCD is another thing you’ll be getting from this caliper. The tool will accompany pre-installed batteries along with a spare one. Besides, you’ll get a protective case to store and carry the caliper.

There’s no need to be worried about the price if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the features. This one is very reasonably priced, and you’ll find it within your budget.


  • Comes within an affordable price range
  • Versatile and can measure different diameters of an object
  • Large LCD with clear readings
  • A 12-inch measurement range with an accuracy level of 0.02


  • The buttons on the LCD could have been better
Short Verdict

Other than the buttons, the Neiko digital caliper is almost perfect for anyone involved in woodworking. If you want, you can check out user reviews of this caliper by clicking here.

Rexbeti Digital Caliper

We’ll be talking about a more affordable option now. The Rexbeti digital caliper is popular among users who want their caliper to come at an affordable price range. Don’t second guess the quality just because it’s comparatively cheaper. They may maybe a more precise caliper than this one, but for woodworking, it’ll do wonders.

You can expect this caliper to be accurate up to 0.01 mm. It’s a six-inch digital caliper made of stainless steel so you can use this caliper in rough conditions. There are also multiple measurement units, which makes your work easier to understand the reading. You can simply switch between units by clicking on a button on the display.

The automatic on-off feature always creates a good impression among users. If you leave your caliper inactive for too long, it will turn itself to save battery. The digital caliper comes with an extra battery and a protective case.

After using this caliper, you’ll be certain that you’ve spent your money on a quality tool. It’s a beautiful addition to make to your collection. If you look at all the options on our list, you will find that it’s the cheapest one.

There is one minor issue with this caliper, though. When you set the unit to decimal, the last digits will be smaller than the first ones. This can be inconvenient for some people. Other than that, this caliper doesn’t have any flaws.  


  • Stainless steel material ensures durability
  • The auto-off feature saves battery
  • Spare battery and case provided with the caliper
  • Inch, mm, and fractional measurement systems are available


  • The numbers can be a bit inconvenient to read when set to decimal
Short Verdict

The good news is, that this caliper doesn’t come with any flaws that can be considered a deal-breaker. Considering the price you’re getting, it’s one of the best digital calipers for woodworking. Click here to learn more details about this tool.

Clockwise Tools DCLR-1205 Digital Caliper

We’ve got another 12-inch digital caliper for you. This time from Clockwise Tools. It’s another fascinating tool to consider when you’re searching for a digital caliper for your woodworking. Multiple attributes make this a perfect option for woodworking. Let’s take a look at some of them.

The accuracy level is 0.03 mm, and the caliper has an auto-shutoff system. So, if you leave the caliper unused for about five to seven minutes, it will turn itself off. That’s a great feature for someone who often forgets to turn off the tool between uses.

The next thing that makes it a viable tool for woodworking is its fractional measurement system. When it comes to measuring different wood pieces, woodworkers often compare measurements by fractions. So, it’s a very convenient feature to have in a caliper.

Stainless steel material and an IP54 rating ensure that the caliper will resist water splashes and dust. So, even if you work in an area where water splashes are a possibility, no reason to worry. Note that the caliper comes at a budget price, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on your digital caliper.


  • Imperial, metric, and fraction measurement system
  • Turns off automatically after five to seven minutes
  • Comes with an IP54 rating
  • Affordable price


  • It zeros once turned off
Short Verdict

If you don’t have the budget for an expensive high-end caliper, Clockwise Tools is the perfect brand for you. It’s a decent accurate caliper that offers consistent measurements. If you want reviews from users, you can click here for more.

Moock Digital Caliper

On the fourth place on our list is the eight-inch digital caliper from Moock. Much like the one from Clockwise Tools, this one also comes with IP54 protection. So, even if you’re working in a rough environment, this caliper should withstand it. However, that’s not all.

First of all, this digital caliper is well within your budget. You can expect consistent readings with an accuracy level of 0.02 mm. The frame is made of stainless steel, so you’ve got durability too.

Imperial, metric, and fractional measurement systems make this digital caliper more convenient than others, especially for woodworking. We’ve always considered fractional readings as an essential feature for woodworking calipers.

It’s also very diverse when it comes to measurements. Unlike most digital calipers with a measurement range of 6 inches, this one is eight inches. However, that doesn’t make it unnecessarily expensive. The price is worth the caliper.

The versatility is not limited to inside and outside diameters when it comes to measuring various objects. You can also use the caliper to measure steps and depths. It allows you to explore further with your work.


  • Comes with an IP54 rating
  • User-friendly structure and operation
  • Can measure inside, outside, step, and depth
  • Comes within an affordable price range  


  • Comparatively less accurate
Short Verdict

It may not be the perfect caliper for high-precision measurements, but it’s a perfect tool for woodworking. So if you’re looking for the perfect tool to add to your collection of woodworking supplies, this can be it. Click here to explore more features of this digital caliper.

iGaging Absolute Origin Digital Caliper

It’s not possible to keep iGaging calipers out of a ‘best wordsmith digital calipers’ list. There are multiple reasons why users love iGaging digital calipers. For instance, they come within a budget.

If protection against dust and water is something you admire, you may want to consider this for your workstation. Even though it’s not entirely waterproof, you can trust it to withstand accidental water splashes.

One thing that you don’t get with many other digital calipers is a warranty. On the contrary, iGaging offers you a 2-year official warranty. So, if you are someone who always wants a backup if something goes wrong, consider getting an iGaging digital caliper.

There is a lot to explore with this caliper. For instance, it features a depth gauge, so the measurements aren’t limited to inside and outside diameters. The material also lives up to the expectations and offers you reliable durability. For the same reason, the caliper is convenient to use.

The caliper requires four batteries, and all of them are included in the package. You’ll also get a protective cover to store when not in use. You can also utilize the case when you need the caliper to be portable.  


  • Durable and smooth material
  • Features an IP54 rating
  • Comes with batteries and a protective case
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty


  • The case could have been better
Short Verdict

iGaging is a reliable brand that you can trust if you don’t have a budget for high-end digital calipers. These are an excellent choice for woodworkers. If you’re still confused about whether to get the caliper or not, click here to see what users are thinking about it.

Buying Guide of Best Digital Calipers for Woodworking in 2024?

How To Choose The Best Digital Calipers For Woodworking

There are many criteria to look for when you’re shopping for a measurement tool. However, not all of them are equally important. We’ve created a buying guide to enlighten you about what’s important to evaluate and identify the best quality digital calipers for Wood Smith in 2024.


The thing is, you won’t need a very high-end digital caliper if you’re getting the tool explicitly for woodworking. So, make sure you don’t spend your money on something you don’t need.

However, if you intend to use the same caliper for other high-precision measurements, investing in a high-end caliper will be more sensible.

Measurement Range

For most household and DIY measurements, you don’t need a very broad measurement range. But for woodworking, you want your caliper to be a bit longer than other ones. However, it depends on what types of pieces you’re measuring.

If you don’t need a lengthy caliper, you can stick to a six-inch caliper. Otherwise, it’s better to go with an eight or twelve-inch caliper.

Large LCD

Many people ignore this criterion and then regret it. The LCD on a caliper should be large and clear enough to show the readings without any complications. Make sure that the display on the caliper you’re getting is of standard size.


It’s always better to choose a caliper that can measure inside, outside, step, and depth. This way, you can explore your measurements and use the same caliper for measuring various objects.

Another aspect of versatility is to consider its units of measurement. When you’re woodworking, it’s better to select a caliper that features a fractional measurement system. You will often need to compare different objects, where the fractional measurement comes in handy.


A caliper that’s easy to use is everyone’s choice. Simple tools are always trendy. Make sure that the digital caliper you’re getting is convenient to turn on and off, and switch between units of measurement.

Another thing that comes under this user-friendly feature is how smooth the caliper is. Roughness can be bothersome when you measure something. In addition, the thumbscrew should also be ergonomic so that you don’t feel uncomfortable when you’re using the tool.


You don’t want to replace your caliper within the first month. So, make sure you’re choosing a reliable brand that can assure durability. If you have any worries about whether a product will last or not, you can go for one that comes with a warranty.

It’s always nice to have a backup in case something goes wrong.

User Reviews

One easy source of information people often forget about is user reviews. These reviews are always enlightening. You can find surprising pros and cons in user reviews which are rarely available anywhere else.

So, before jumping to any conclusion about a caliper, we recommend looking at the reviews.

Additional Features

Many users search for additional features in their calipers. For instance, an IP rating. The IP rating is an indicator of how well your caliper will do in rough conditions. In simpler terms, how much water and dust it can resist? Even though it’s not a must-have in a caliper, some users prefer having it.

Other additional features include extra batteries, a protective case, a warranty, a user manual, prompt customer service, etc. Buying batteries separately can be a bothersome chore. A protective case comes in handy when you need portability and protection.

The warranty is great as a backup, and user manuals are mostly for beginners. People who are switching from a dial caliper to a digital caliper will also benefit from the user manual.

Here are Some Commonly Asked Questions that People Want to Know About “Digital Calipers for Woodworking”: FAQs

What kind of caliper is the most accurate for Wood Smith?

No specific caliper kind is more accurate than the other. It depends on the caliper’s quality. However, digital calipers are comparatively more user-friendly than dial and Vernier calipers. So, it has some advantages over the other two.

Are digital calipers the most accurate for Woodworking?

Digital calipers can be very accurate and precise given that it’s from a reliable and high-quality brand. You can expect high precision from budget-friendly cheap calipers. Then again, not all measurements will require high-precision calipers. Dial, Vernier, and digital, all calipers can be equally accurate, depending on the brand you’re using.

What is a good brand of caliper for Woodworking?

There are multiple good brands to get a good caliper. For instance, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, iGaging, Neiko, Rexbeti, etc., are some excellent choices. If you want a more high-precision caliper, you can consider Mitutoyo.

Are dial calipers more accurate than digital ones?

Many people assume that dial calipers are more accurate than digital ones. How accurate a caliper is, depends on the quality, not on its type. So, a low-quality dial caliper cannot be more accurate than a high-quality digital caliper and vice versa.

Final Words

We’ve tried to include everything you need to know before getting a digital caliper. If you don’t prefer anything from our list, make sure to use our buying guide to identify the top-rated woodworking digital calipers for 2024.

As for our list, we recommend considering the Neiko digital caliper because it is our best overall. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, we’ll recommend the Rexbeti digital caliper.

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