What are the Parts of a Digital Caliper and Their Functions?

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The modernized and improved version of the Vernier caliper is the digital caliper. It ensures precision whether you’re setting cutting depths, checking board thicknesses while you’re planning, or measuring and fitting joints.

It has a number of features that make it the most useful and easy-to-use measuring tool. It is necessary to be familiar with the parts of the digital caliper in order to feel at ease when using it for measurements.

What are the Parts of a Digital Caliper and Their Functions
What are the Parts of a Digital Caliper and Their Functions

10 Major Parts of a Digital Caliper and Their Functions in 2024

Most of the time, the digital caliper is made up of seven parts. Our caliper specialists explain, what each of those parts is and how it functions one by one.

1. Digital caliper upper jaws

You will start with the upper jaws of the digital caliper. This portion of the caliper is quite important since it allows you to easily measure internal dimensions such as the diameter of a hole or slot.

There are some digital calipers that don’t have upper jaws. Make sure you check that before buying one.

2. Digital caliper lower jaws

The lower jaws of the caliper are the most significant element of the instrument. The majority of the time, we take the measurement using this particular section of the caliper.

Using these jaws, one may quickly and accurately measure the outer measurements, including the width, length, and diameter.

3. Digital caliper LCD display

The digital caliper’s standout feature is its LCD display. Here on the screen, you may observe the results of our precise measurements. All three metric, imperial, and fractional systems are supported for displaying readings. The results are incredibly simple to read and comprehend.

4. Digital caliper depth rod

A depth rod is used to accurately gauge the depth of holes. The thumb screw will stick out when turned. If you need to determine how deep a hole is, pull out your trusty depth rod. It is possible to see the thumb screw sticking out when it is turned.

5. Digital caliper zero button

You can return it to zero at any time by pressing the zero/on the button. When you close it again, you’ll see a reading of 0.000″, meaning it’s time to start taking measurements.

Even though the zero setting on these calipers is guaranteed to be exact at all times, it is still a good idea to double-check. As a result, the digital caliper can be used as a reliable measuring tool for making comparisons.

6. Digital caliper thumb screw

When taking measurements, you need to properly adjust the caliper’s measuring faces so that you can get an accurate reading (both sets of jaws and the depth rod).

When taking measurements outside, the thumb screw enables the user to have a firmer grasp on the material they are measuring so that they may take more accurate readings.

7. Digital caliper main scale

There is also a main scale where you can see the measurement that you’re taking. The main scale gives you a measurement point that is needed for the final finding of the measurement.

8. Digital caliper on/off button

You can easily control the LCD display because there is a control button on/off the screen. It is very easy to find and easy to use.

9. Digital caliper metric/imperial converter button

It is the converter technology. Simply by pushing the button labeled “mm/inch,” the user is able to convert their measurements from one system of measurement to another.

Turning the lock screw Because of the lock screw, the jaws are held firmly in position, allowing the object being measured to be removed while readings are obtained.

10. Lock screw

You will find a lock screw to hold the jaws firmly in position. It enables you to remove the item being measured and collect readings without the jaws moving while still maintaining the ability to measure the item.

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Make sure all the parts of the caliper work perfectly. If you want precise results from your digital caliper, you have to treat every part with care.

To learn more new things about the Digital caliper stay with us.



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