What’s the Best Vinca DCLA-0605 Digital Caliper- Is It Worth?

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For accurate measurement, I’ve spent a lot of money on different calipers. The one I was using last suddenly started giving me inaccurate readings. Besides, it didn’t come with a fractional measurement system. So, it was time to get a new one. After spending some time on features, user reviews, and price, I ended up getting the Vinca DCLA-0605 review.

It’s insanely affordable and comes with some pretty decent features. For instance, you are getting mm, inch, and fractional measurement systems, and you can measure inside, outside, step, and depth using this caliper.

vinca dcla 0506 review
Vinca DCLA-0605 Review

There are a lot of other features that I’ve included in this Vinca DCLA-0605 digital caliper. Keep reading so you don’t miss out on anything.

Who Should Use the VincaDCLA-0605?

Vinca dcla-0605 digital caliper

As I’ve mentioned before, this caliper can measure inside, outside, step, and depth. These measurements come in handy for a wide range of people. For instance, if you’re a woodworker, a jeweler, or an automotive enthusiast, you’ll be benefitted from this caliper.

I must mention that the caliper only has a measurement range of six inches. So, if you need anything measured more than six inches, I wouldn’t recommend this one.

You’re also getting inch, mm, and fractional measurement systems all in one. So, someone like a woodworker will be specifically benefitted from this digital caliper.

My previous caliper didn’t come with a fractional measurement system, even though it was comparatively more expensive than the vinca DCLA-0605 caliper. On top of that, the caliper I was using suddenly started giving inconsistent measurements.

So, I needed a new caliper for my woodworking. After I got the Vinca caliper, my work has been a lot more precise and less time-consuming. With the fractional measuring system and the consistent readings, I don’t think I’ll be replacing this caliper anytime soon.

Vinca DCLA-0605 Review & Guide in 2023

Take a look at the following features the Vincadcla-0605 offers.


  • Accuracy level +/-0.001”
  • Measurement range 0-6”
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Features mm, inch, and fraction measurement
  • Comes with an installed battery, a spare battery, a protective case, and a manual
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Supports inside, outside, step, and depth measurement

Let me demonstrate a few upsides and downsides of the caliper.


  • Extremely affordable digital caliper
  • Comes with a spare battery
  • Offers an accuracy level of +/-0.001”
  • The digital screen shows readings in mm, inch, and fractional measurements
  • Stainless steel material provides smooth sliding


  • Measurement range limited to 6 inches

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My First Impression About Vinca DCLA-0605 Digital Caliper

I was expecting a flimsy caliper after watching the price on the website. However, the caliper surprised me. I unboxed the device, and it had a battery inside of it. In addition, there was a spare battery in the box.

The box wasn’t something extraordinary. But I wouldn’t complain about it either. There was also a user manual inside the package explaining everything.

Even though it’s made of stainless steel, the slide felt a bit rough when I used the caliper for the first time. This was a disappointing experience because the roughness can be annoying when you intend to use a caliper frequently.

However, after using the caliper a few times, it got a lot smoother, and the roughness eventually faded.

The Use Phase

vinca dcla-0506 review

The caliper got more and more comfortable to use with time. Using this digital caliper each time felt better than the last time. As for accuracy, you can’t get a higher level of accuracy of 0.0005 inches like higher-end calipers. However, considering the price you’re paying, 0.001 is also a satisfactory level.

Another fascinating thing I found out about this caliper is the multiple measurement units. Many high-end digital calipers are limited between mm and inch. In comparison, I got fraction measurements in addition to mm and inch with this caliper.

I would certainly say that my positive thoughts toward this digital caliper have only been increasing so far. With devices like this one, you’re always a bit skeptical at first. But I must tell you, once I got comfortable with the caliper, my working with machine parts has been a lot easier than before.

However, I would have been happier if the caliper had come with a broader range of measurements. Some of the pieces I need to measure are larger than six inches, so I can’t use this caliper for those parts.

Accurate Results

Overall, I’m certainly satisfied with my purchase. I must say that I’m delighted with the price range. I didn’t expect this caliper to be precise, considering the price. However, it ended up with the tools I use most frequently.

The issue I was having with my last caliper was inconsistent measurement. Vinca DCLA-0605 is one of the most consistent digital calipers I’ve ever gotten. Even though I can’t talk about the durability yet, I hope it’ll stay the same after years of use.

Final Thoughts

I would certainly recommend Vinca DCLA-0605 to beginners who don’t want to spend a fortune on a caliper. Of course, you can get a better caliper if you spend more money. But if you’re tight on budget and don’t require a high level of accuracy, I highly recommend trying this caliper out.

As you can guess by this Vinca DCLA-0605 review, I will be rating the caliper 4 out of 5. There are certain features I would have loved to have. However, considering the price, I think the Vinca brand did a wonderful job on this digital caliper.

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