What’s the Best Eagems Digital Caliper 2023- Worth The Hype?

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I picked up woodworking as a hobby a few months ago. After using the caliper I already had for a few days, I realized the caliper wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. I noted the issues I was facing and researched a bit. After a few hours of fishing, I found what seemed to be the perfect caliper for me- the Eagems Digital Caliper.

This caliper excels at a lot of features compared to its competitors. For instance, it offers an accuracy level of +/- 0.0005 inches, comes with an auto-shutoff feature, and can switch between units within seconds.  

Eagems Digital Caliper Review
Eagems Digital Caliper Review

The features I mentioned above don’t do justice to the caliper. So, I recommend you to go through the full Eagems Digital Caliper to understand whether it’s suitable for you or not. Read our Eagems Digital Caliper details review to understand if is it suitable or not for your work.

Eagems Digital Caliper Full Review in 2023

Now, let’s see what features the Eagems Digital Caliper provides.

Top Features

  • Supports mm, inch, and fractional measurement systems.
  • Features an auto-shutoff system.
  • Capable of measuring inside, outside, depth, and step.
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty.
  • +/- 0.0005-inch accuracy level.
  • Comes with batteries, a screwdriver, and a protective case.

There are also other advantages you can feel after starting to use the caliper.


  • Comes with an IP54 rating, which means it’s slightly water and dust-resistant.
  • Auto-shutoff features to save battery.
  • Suitable for machine workers, jewelers, lapidary artists, DIY enthusiasts, etc.
  • Consistent and reliable measurement with accuracy.
  • Slightly water and dust resistant.
  • The Manual is available as a pdf.


  • You need a screwdriver to remove and replace the battery. However, they provide the screwdriver with the caliper.

Are you intrigued by the caliper’s features? Why not take a look at it? Click here to find out more about Eagems digital caliper.

Who is the Eagems Caliper For?

the uses of eagems digital caliper

Most digital calipers are almost similar when it comes to features. However, some distinctive details separate them. For instance, the Eagems caliper stands out in the crowd with its multiple units of measurement.

You can convert between mm, inch, and fractional measurement, which I have found extremely helpful for woodworking. Many digital calipers are limited between imperial and metric measurement systems. They don’t come with a fractional measurement system.

For the same reason, you can expect the caliper to excel if you’re into jewelry, lapidary, DIY, automotive curriculums, etc. Besides, if you work somewhere dusty and there’s a possibility of water splashes, this is the perfect caliper you can get.

However, I stand by my statement. I’ve researched enough before getting this caliper, and I consider it best for woodworking purposes. The fractional measurement has been a great feature for me so far.

Eagems Digital Caliper Guide for 2023 – My First Impression!

The caliper came with a plastic protective case, which wasn’t anything special. But then again, I wasn’t expecting anything fancy at this price. After unboxing the caliper, I found two 3V batteries and a screwdriver to open the battery slot.

Seeing the screwdriver was somewhat upsetting. I don’t particularly appreciate going through hassles when I have to replace the battery. Many calipers come without any screws on their battery covers.

Anyway, after moving from the initial impression, it was time to try the caliper. I installed the battery and slid the thumbscrew a few times to see how flexible it was. To be honest, it’s pretty comfortable to use. I wasn’t expecting a smooth slide, especially at this price.

The caliper feels heavy on your hand, which is a positive sign, I guess. It’s not flimsy and made out of stainless steel. I took a few measurements, and every time, the caliper showed the same readings, which was pretty relieving. I used fractional measurement, which is most suitable for measuring wood pieces.

The Use Phase of Eagems Digital Caliper 2023

I didn’t expect the caliper to keep the consistency after several uses, to be honest. But I was quite surprised to see that after using the caliper for about a month, it hasn’t given me the wrong measurement once.

I have mostly used dial calipers in the past. So, turning off the caliper after each use is always an extra burden for me. This caliper has made my job a lot easier with an auto-shutoff feature. It turns off automatically after a certain time if it’s not in use.

It took me some time to discover the auto-off system because I wasn’t using the caliper very frequently in the beginning. After a week or so, I realized that the device was saving my battery life on its own.

The caliper is IP54 rated, which means you can expect it to be slightly dust-resistant and water-splash resistant. So, avoid working somewhere your caliper can submerge into the water.

The Accurate Results

durable Stainless Steel Fractional Electronic Caliper

I have to say, my skeptical thoughts about an affordable digital caliper have changed. I’ve written this Eagems Digital Caliper review from my experience over time. And I must say, I can’t say enough good things about it.

I believe this is the last caliper I’ll have to buy for my woodworking hobby. With the fractional measurement system, I don’t need to spend hours measuring wood pieces anymore.

As for the screw on the battery slot lid, I’ve come to terms with it too. It’s not like I have to change the battery every day. And with the auto-turnoff system, the battery is supposed to run a fair amount of time before I have to change it.

Final thoughts

It was a risky purchase because I wasn’t feeling confident about the caliper. However, I must say the caliper was well worth my money. I never expected an affordable digital caliper to turn out so reliable and accurate.

I’m going to rate it 4.8 out of 5 for now. This is only because I haven’t had this for years. Once I’m satisfied with the durability, who knows, the four may turn into five. Do you think this Eagems digital caliper review has been helpful?

If it’s missing something, you can always gather more information from the manufacturer. Click here to find out more about this digital caliper.

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