How Much Does it Cost to Replace Brake Calipers? [2022 Guide]

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An automotive enthusiast always cares about his car. The braking system is important and the brake caliper is a vital component of it. The brake caliper needs to clean on a regular basis. It won’t function properly otherwise. If you don’t have time then you must check up your caliper by ASE-certified, professional mobile mechanics will perform the brake service in your driveway.

You have to check your brake caliper health every 12,000 miles. If you see any symptoms of falling bad caliper check up on them as early as possible. They should be checked regularly and replaced when necessary.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Brake Calipers
How Much Does it Cost to Replace Brake Calipers?

If you don’t have an idea about the cost to replace the brake caliper, don’t be scared. In this article, our caliper experts try to break down the cost from every angle.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Brake Calipers?

In 2022, the Replacement of a brake caliper costs between $570 and $850 for all axels. Typically, a single caliper will cost between $150 and $220.

Typically mechanics can charge you between $140 and $225, while parts are priced between $430 and $660. This will take approximately 1 to 3 hours per caliper. Front and rear brakes costs are relatively the same.

The calipers are the most expensive part of the brake system. A complete brake repair, which includes the brake pedal, brake rotor, and brake pad replacement, can cost somewhere between $400 and $900 per axle.

Brake Caliper Replacement Cost Summary

You will see every kind of cost related to the brake caliper. This section will help the audience in decision-making. Down below is the cost table of the total replacement process according to the estimates for 2022.

Repair TypePrice Range
Single Axle Cost$150-$220
Labor Cost$140-$230
Equipment & Parts Cost$430-$660
Average Cost (all axles)$570-$850
Caliper + Other Brake Components$400-$900 (Per-axle)

Top 5 Brake Caliper Replacement Cost Factors for 2022

Across the country, brake caliper repair costs may differ based on the garage or dealership’s size, location, services they provide, and the local demand.

The cost of the brake caliper replacement varies. Several factors are related to this. They are car model, location, car condition, availability of the labor, and parts quality. These five-factor has highly influenced the overall price. Their fluctuation will increase or decrease the overall cost.

1. Car model

There are several brands of cars in the market and they launch different model cars every year. The different car has a different specification. Like the car model, there is a difference in the brake caliper. With the model, it changes the price.

2. Location

Location is also a big concern. If you live in a rural place then you don’t find enough repair shops there. Luckily you may find one but that will cost very high because they create a monopoly there. So you don’t have any option left. City to city this cost varies too.

3. Car condition

Car condition plays a big role in replacing. If the condition is overall good then the mechanic needs less time to fix it. Which will decrease the cost. But if your caliper’s condition is bad then it will take more time than usual. That will increase the cost no doubt.

4. Availability of the labor

Labor plays a crucial role when it comes to replacement. Most of the time you may have to pay one-third of the overall cost of replacement to the technician. If there is not enough mechanic there then the labor cost will be high there. And you have to wait for the serial.

5. Parts quality

Parts quality is also important. There are different kinds of parts available in the market. High equality parts are the most durable and long-lasting but if you go for a medium grade then it’s not a bad decision. The price of the high-quality parts may be higher but their quality is unmatchable to anyone.

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Can I Replace My Brake Calipers Myself?

DIY is the cheapest way to finish the task anyway. With the right knowledge, you can replace brake pads and rotors yourself and save a lot of money. A lot of people do not have the time to perform their own brake maintenance, or they are not mechanically inclined. Also DIY you need some basic equipment to replace it.

The brake caliper is related to the braking system. You should never attempt to change the brake caliper of your vehicle without proper training or supervision. Brakes are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. Any part of the car’s braking system should not be taken at risk.

If you have enough time and proper training to complete the task on your own then you should go for it. You just have to bear the expense of the parts. So on average, you have spent $450 to $650 to replace a brake caliper by the DIY process.

It is important to remember that, if you do decide to repair your brake calipers yourself, you will need a jack to lift your car off the ground. You’ll also have to understand how to flush the brake system and how to inspect the brake pads, brake discs, and brake rotors.

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How Long Does a Brake Caliper Repair Take?

Our brake caliper experts do some research on this. Braking systems vary from car to car. Our team performs this task for different types of cars.

According to our research in 2022, brake caliper replacement can take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours per brake caliper. They will take more time if other repairs are required. The labor costs will also rise.

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What Happens During a Brake Caliper Replacement?

If you have never done it before then this section will help. In this section, you will know how it works.

At first, the expert or mechanic will check all four of your brakes. He will find out how many calipers are in a good shape and how many have to replace. They told you the overall cost you need to bear. The mechanic may replace the brake caliper if it is necessary.

Your mechanic will suggest whether or not other components of the brake system need to be replaced and how much it will cost. If want to change that part they immediately replace them. After the repair, the mechanic will bleed the brake system.

He will then test drive the vehicle and inspect the brake system one more time. They will then make any final adjustments as needed.

What Kind of Materials Are You Considering?

There are different types of brake pads available in the market. They differ because they are made of different kinds of material like ceramic, semi-metallic, and organic, all of which perform differently and come with varying price tags.

You are thinking about the price, right? They also change figures with the category of the brand. Purchasing aftermarket brake pads from a premium brand will cost you more. In the same vein, you can save a bit by using an off-brand.

OEM brake parts are usually the most expensive, as they are the originals. It is all up to your choice and budget.

Money-Saving Tips for Brake Caliper Replacement 2022

Saving a single dollar will help you in the future. Brake caliper replacement isn’t that much expensive. But you can save from that if you want to. Here are some tips for saving money you can apply.

  • You can purchase the parts from the online retailer store.
  • You can go for the second-hand parts. There are many online platforms where you can get them.
  • Don’t go for the OEM or premium one.
  • Justify the labor rate and finalize the price before the mechanic starts the work.
  • If you have experience changing brake caliper do it yourself.
  • Don’t go for a customized caliper.

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Some Basic Information You Should Know Before Replacing The Brake Caliper

Most cars have disc brakes on their front brakes, and calipers are part of this system. Brake pads and pistons are housed in the brake caliper. This brake creates friction between the brake rotors and the wheels of the car to slow the wheels down.

Both the brake pads and the rotors will wear over time. They will, however, last for a very long time.’ There are mainly two types of the brake calipers. Such as fixed brake caliper and floating brake caliper.

Type 1: The Fixed brake calipers do not move with the rotors. Both sides of the rotor have pistons that clamp down on either side, pressing both brake pads into place. This type of caliper is more durable and a bit expensive too. You find them in big vehicles like trucks.

Type 2: In floating calipers, which have pistons inside the wheel, the sliding caliper has one set of pistons. By pulling the brake caliper and brake pad outside the wheel. These pistons push the brake pad against the rotor. Most of the cars are equipped with this one.

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Additional questions related to (Brake Calipers Replacement) that people also asked: Answered

Can I drive with a bad caliper?

Obviously, it is very bad for your car’s health and your life too. When you drive your car you may notice any brake issue of a faulty brake caliper like Fluid leak, Grinding, and knocking Noise or it can be Excessive Rust. When you see the sign of a bad brake caliper make sure you fix the problem before you drive.

Is it okay to replace just one caliper?

If there is only one caliper is damaged and others are fine then you can. However, disc brake vehicles with only the front wheels and tires need to replace the calipers in pairs. But it’s good for your car to replace them in pair neither you will feel imbalance when driving your car.

What happens if you don’t replace calipers?

What happened is beyond your limitation. It will be life-threatening. When one of the brake calipers is damaged or fails, the car or truck will pull to one side. As speeds increase, the number of pulls increases. In the end, you may lose control of your vehicle and cause an accident.

Is it worth rebuilding brake calipers?

Of course. If your calipers have pitted or scored pistons, you’ll have to replace them. Brake system rebuild kits can only extend a brake system’s life and resolve limited problems.

Is it hard to replace brake calipers?

The answer is difficult to give. In case you’re a noob, then it’s quite difficult for you. If you’re an experienced player, it’s not so hard. You can replace a brake caliper pretty easily until you have to bleed it. It will probably take you quite a bit of patience and a friend to finish this project. Bleeder tools also come in handy.

What causes calipers to go bad?

It is most common for calipers to be damaged by worn or warped brake pads or rotors. It is possible for the piston to be damaged or the heat to pass through the piston to the brake fluid, causing it to degrade if the caliper is not protected from excessive heat.

Final Thought on “Replacing Brake Caliper” 2022

Caliper replacement is very crucial for you. The overall cost depends on your decision. You can choose the DIY method to reduce the cost or choose the choose professional for showroom condition work. You can easily replace them with pair or a single one.

Our experts will suggest you go for the best quality work, not for taking the money-saving way. Have a safe drive and have a good day.

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